“ We are all artists who paint our masterpiece called life.”- Dani

Danielle Locastro, usually known as Dani, is a professional artist and a certified yoga instructor. She has been exploring her connection to something greater than herself her entire life through her art. 14 years ago while studying under Charles and Lisa Matkin, she knew that first time she moved her body in a yoga class that it too would be part of her life’s practice to have a mind, body, and spirit connection. On a personal level, Yoga for her is like drawing and praying with the body. In 2013, Dani starting teaching after achieving her teacher certification, in the Raja Hatha style of Yoga.  She works with a variety of clients to maintain wellness, promote balance, and improve the quality of life.  Her teaching style is an emphasis on alignment with self-expression to awaken and listen to your own intuition. Her classes are playful, creatively challenging and provide the opportunity to dig down inside for more shine.

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