Welcome new teacher, Meghan Conway!

Meghan is teaching a new class, Katonah Yoga, every Wednesday at 6pm!

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 30 years ago. Influenced by the study of Hatha yoga, Chinese theory, and sacred geometry, she created, developed, and continues to refine this unique practice. Both esoteric and pragmatic, the Katonah theory and its practice promotes self-awareness through techniques that foster well-being, which facilitates personal transformation.

KATONAH YOGA® synthesizes Hatha Yoga, Mythology, Taoist Theory and Sacred Geometry that serve to develop stability and dimension, observe and conform to nature’s patterns found in the body, peppered with Pranayama and Kundalini to move breath through the body’s terrain. The goal of the practice is to become whole, in order to live a life of integrity and happiness.

It is a recipe for finding joy, for finding center, circumference and the space within.